Veronika Ulkina

Veronika Ulkina, an enterprising woman backed by many years of experience in television in St. Petersburg, is the director of Wennare Dance Company. Professionally related to the world of entertainment and the performing arts, it was nevertheless her daughter who inoculated her with passion for dance. When she decided to become a dancer, Veronika woke up an interest that led her to discover a unique form of expression, a new passion that has led her to be the Administrative Director of the School of Russian Ballet in Marbella and Estepona and to promote numerous shows from there.
From there to launch her own company there was only one step and the luck of finding the perfect travel companions, the Felipe VI Auditorium of Estepona and the choreographer Yuri Gudushauri.

Yuri Gudushauri

Yuri Gudushauri is a young man who is an experienced dancer and choreographer. He first trained at the Moscow State Ballet School Lavrovsky, then at the Bolshoi Ballet Academy (Moscow) and subsequently at the Royal Professional Dance Conservatory Mariemma in Madrid. He has a wide range of both classical and contemporary dance experience, allowing him to move freely and with determination in each of his works.

Of Georgian origin, Yuri had never thought about forming a company since it adds a myriad of responsibilities to the already demanding work of a dancer and choreographer. However, over time he understood that only within his own company can he capture his true personality and only in that way has he the absolute freedom to express his passion.