The Cesare Scariolo Foundation celebrates its summer charity gala at Club Med Magna Marbella with the performance of WENNARE ART PRODUCTIONS.

  • The foundation celebrates its 15th anniversary since Sergio Scariolo wished to pay tribute to his father and help children suffering from cancer 
  • The funds raised from the charity dinner, raffles and auction will go to the “I am ready” Project, for the preparation of transplants in pediatric oncology patients, which will be developed alongside ‘The Ricky Rubio Foundation’ and ‘Nixi for Children’
  • The event will be sponsored by LW Opteam and Wennare Art Productions

Marbella, May 16, 2023. - The Cesare Scariolo Foundation will celebrate its traditional summer charity dinner at the symbolic hotel Club Med Magna Marbella on June 25th from 8:30pm, and will be sponsored by LWM OPTEAM and Wennare Art Productions. This special edition commemorates the 15th anniversary of the creation of the foundation by the national basketball coach Sergio Scariolo, with the aim of raising funds to help children suffering from oncological diseases and their families. 

The presentation ceremony, held today at the Club Med Magna Marbella, was attended by the Delegate for Social Rights, Equality and Diversity, Isabel Cintado; the Vice-President of the Cesare Scariolo Foundation, Blanca Ares; Social Educator, Pilar Ponferrada, as well as the director of Wennare Art Productions, Veronika Ulkina. 

The delegate of Social Rights, Isabel Cintado, highlighted that "one of the characteristics of our city is solidarity, as not only a large number of charity events are held, but also, increasingly, these acts have the invaluable economic collaboration of companies in the area. Demonstrating special awareness, like CLUB MED MAGNA MARBELLA, as well as sponsors and businesses that collaborate, always willing to help those less fortunate. I hope that this gala will be a complete success and will have a high level of participation and collaboration."

For 15 years the Foundation has been working to improve the lives of children with cancer and their families. "Every year more than 1,500 cases of child and adolescent cancer are registered in Spain. According to data provided by the World Health Organization, this figure actually reaches 400,000 children and teens between the ages of 0 and 19 years old. Diagnosis is always a difficult moment for both the patient and their family, and starting treatment can also be especially complicated, given that the youngest patients don't always understand their situation, which can cause them fear and anxiety. It is essential that the children come to receive treatment with peace of mind and confidence. We collaborate with this type of initiative which adds value to our mission as a foundation dedicated to health and improvement of the wellbeing of the children", assured the Vice-President of the foundation. 

"Our Foundation works with total transparency in order to provide support to these children and their families who are facing this often heartbreaking situation. It is of the utmost importance for us that the family feels accompanied during this long and worrying process, and that they know that we go hand in hand with them and are there to help them with anything they may need. In addition, we are particularly excited to be able to pair this charity dinner with a project as special as "I Am Ready", focusing on the Transplant Wards and the isolation faced by children who have to go through them. In addition, we also join them in the support of Humanisation that is being worked on within the hospital itself." explained Ponferrada. Among the acknowledgements was the collaboration of Club Med Magna Marbella for the preparation of this special evening, the cultural and artistic proposal made by Wennare Art Productions, and all the sponsors and businesses that donate gifts to the raffle which will be held at a later date.

On this occasion, all proceeds from the charity dinner, raffles and auction will go to the Project "I am ready" ("Estoy preparado") for the preparation of the pediatric oncology patients' admission to the transplant ward and the isolation they must go through beforehand. The foundation will collaborate with Nixi for Children and the Ricky Rubio Foundation in this initiative which uses the experience of virtual reality which has already been worked on in the field of pediatric oncological radiotherapy, to offer a walkthrough of the facilities where the treatment will be carried out while explaining what it consists of, accompanied by an animated character called "Nixi".

The price of €130 for the event includes the charity dinner as well as a classical ballet and music performance produced by Wennare Art Productions which wanted to join this initiative to support the work of a consolidated foundation at a provincial level. 

For the first time in Marbella, Wennare Art Productions will offer four classical ballet pieces starring the guest duo Bogdan Camila and Cristina Dijmaru, the lead ballerinas of the Bucharest National Opera, accompanied by local artists such as Vasilisa Ulkina, Yuri Gudushauri, and Juan Alarcón. There will also be a concert including performances with violin, piano and cello, with musicians from Málaga. The show will conclude with the grand finale of the Grand Pas de Deux of Don Quixote. "Our contribution goes beyond the show, bringing value to society as a producer of performing arts. We offer culture for life, therefore it is very important for us to collaborate in a selfless way in these types of actions that benefit the city and the community that has welcomed us”, highlights Ulkina.  

To purchase tickets you can directly call +34 615 98 80 43. Those who cannot attend the event can collaborate through donations to the account number of the Foundation: ES53 2103 0250 210030004983


The Cesare Scariolo Foundation, is a non-profit private entity, established through a deed granted on December 13th 2007, and recorded on the State Register of Competent Foundations, Ministry of Culture, Education and Sport 29/0080.

The foundation was born as a tribute in memory of the father of Sergio Scariolo, current national basketball coach and trainer of La Virtus Bologna. Its mission is to help children with onco-haematological diseases and their families in every possible way, providing social, economic, recreational and psychological support. 


Wennare Art Productions was born in 2017 as the product of the deep motivation and passion for the performing arts of its two driving forces, Veronika Ulkina and Yuri Gudushauri. Both have a long and versatile professional background and have paired their experience with the mutual aim of creating, producing and spreading performances which provide a unique and memorable experience. The company is distinguished thanks to the extremely high quality of its artistic work and performances selected in its distribution catalog, covering different artistic disciplines such as classical and contemporary dance, opera, classical music and jazz - counting on the most qualified professionals for each project. 

Wennare Art Productions also has a complete artistic management team that seeks extreme perfection in every detail of its productions.

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