Estepona, December 8, 2017.- Wennare Dance Company last night premiered EGO with a Felipe VI Auditorium packed. The first production of the Estepona-based company aroused great expectation and did not disappoint those present who enjoyed a show that perfectly combined strength and sensitivity.
Before an excited audience, the dancers from Spain, Georgia and France developed on the stage of the Felipe VI all the plastic and communicative capacity of contemporary dance. A program consisting of two choreographies directed by choreographer Yuri Gudushauri that reflected the life of a person placed before the crossroads of life. An individual story in which, however, could be reflected all the attendees. Life as a train journey in which we do not know at which station we are going to get off and what awaits us there.
A fresh show with the eternal dichotomy between good and evil, between light and darkness, the difficulties we sometimes have to know which is the best way or the temptations to choose the path of the shadows explained from the movement to the sound of an epic music, full of power and intensity. One of the great attractions of the work was the contrast in mood between the two acts that kept the audience alert at all times. A contrast that, nevertheless, followed the same artistic line with complicated elevations, a very athletic staging and extensive synchronized passages.
After its premiere in a single performance in Estepona, EGO continues with the preparation of its tour that will begin in Andalusia and will continue throughout the rest of Spain, taking the Estepona brand wherever it is performed.
Veronika Ulkina, director of Wennare Dance Company, was deeply grateful for the support of the City Council and the Felipe VI Auditorium, "without which this project would not have been possible" and of course, also grateful and excited by the public response: "For us it is very important to see that the message has reached people and that they leave excited about what they have seen". "The language of contemporary dance has no language or cultural barriers, it is pure expression and therefore everyone can understand and enjoy it," she concluded.
Wennare Dance Company  
Wennare Dance Company is a young contemporary dance company based in the Felipe VI Auditorium in Estepona that develops its work from two aspects: production and training.
From production, it puts on shows and choreographies to promote contemporary dance as a means of expression away from clichés and offers an excellent opportunity for contemporary dancers to find a place in which to develop their career as it is an open company in full development.
By providing training, Contemporary Dance gains a space in Estepona and allows it to be better known and therefore, understood and loved. Classes are given through the Russian Ballet School.

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