Estepona, 15th November 2017: This morning the Town Hall presented Wennare Dance Company, the first resident contemporary dance company of the Felipe VI Auditorium which will have its debut on the 7th December with the presentation of EGO, a dynamic performance, full of contrasts, happiness, sadness and love. In the press conference participated José María García Urbano, Mayor of Estepona, Veronika Ulkina, director of Wennare Dance Company and José María Asensi, director of the Felipe VI Auditorium.


García Urbano wanted to highlight the importance that this type of cultural activity has for the life of the city and showed his unconditional support as well as “the recognition from the city” to the work that the Felipe VI Auditorium is doing.

Both Veronika Ulkina and José María Asensi recognised the work that the local administration is doing in favour of culture and gave as an example the support received from the Town Hall for the creation, presentation and promotion of Wennare Dance Company and of EGO, its first performance.

Asensi explained how that at the Felipe VI Auditorium they work so that the theatre becomes a cultural epicentre of the town, going beyond a good annual programme and getting involved in projects of formation and artistic creation. He also explained what being a resident company such as Wennare Dance Company consists of, “what we want to do, such as with the joining with Veronika, is to convert the Auditorium in to a place of promotion and production of culture”. “For this, we want to have resident companies and we have started with Wennare Dance Company not only because we are passionate about dance but also because Veronika arrived with an irresistible project, which provides all that is necessary and which has an ambitious tour plan”, he confirmed.

Ulkina, director of Wennare Dance Company, highlighted that thanks to this collaboration with the Auditorium, “the company is a very ambitious project which unites the school, where the ballerinas can form and grow, the production of performances that can offer work to the ballerinas as well as a space in which to present the projects before going on tour to other places and bring the name of Estepona throughout Andalusia and Spain”.

Wennare Dance Company will present its first performance on the 7th December with the debut of EGO in a one night event at the Felipe VI Auditorium of Estepona and through its presentation in the city, the company has planned a tour of 15 cities starting in Andalusia to continue traveling around the rest of the Spanish territory.

“We wanted to talk about the life of a single person and at the time in life of all of us”, explained Ulkina. “Life is a train journey with its stations and track changes but we never know which station we will get off at or who we will find there. This is the big mystery”, she relates. “Everything that happens is measured according to our EGO. On one hand we have what we can call the bright part, that lives, loves, forgives and offers the best of ourselves, but on the other hand we have the dark part. Only you can choose which part you want yourself to be. It is a decision which is sometimes difficult”, she concluded.

The performance is directed by the young and experienced choreographer Yuri Gudushauri who displayed his versatility and impressive capacity. Furthermore, Veronika emphasised that “the team which forms Wennare Dance Company is international, meaning that each person contributes something totally different to EGO”.

Tickets for EGO are on sale at www.auditorioestepona.com and can also be bought every Saturday in Carrefour Estepona.

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